DENVER – Student loan “forgiveness” is again a top issue in national news and Governor-elect Jared Polis owes Coloradans an explanation about his support of canceling student debt and a clear plan as to how his previous stance will inform his proposals at the state level once he’s sworn into office.

Last week, Bloomberg announced the worsening of the crisis with the blaring headline “Outstanding Student Loan Debt Approaches $1.5 Trillion” – the article was shared by Bernie Sanders’ former political director and pro-Polis politico, JoyAnn Ruscha, who tagged the incoming Governor with the commentary, “Cancel. It. Now.”

Congressman Jared Polis posted a video on Facebook just 6 months ago, while he was running for Colorado’s top spot, where he asked his social media followers to respond with what the cancellation of their student loans would mean to them. He did this while running a bill to redirect tax cuts toward student loan forgiveness. Thus far Polis has been unclear as to how he’s going to take this philosophy of debt cancellation to Colorado’s Capitol, but Coloradans deserve to know how this will affect them when he takes office.

“Jared Polis is devaluing the hard work of millions with this reckless blasé disregard for their hard work and playing by the rules.,” said Adam Johnson, communications director of Compass Colorado. “But what will he say to the young woman who delivered pizzas and worked several jobs to put herself through school, then worked overtime afterward to pay all her debts? Look her in the eye, Mr. Polis and tell her all her hard work didn’t matter and she never needed to do it at all.”