Denver, CO – This week, Compass Colorado released a new television ad which highlights some of the potential real-world consequences of Jared Polis’ premier platform plank, “Medicare for all.” As a sponsor of H.R. 676 “Medicare for all” Polis is directly advocating for the permanent destruction of the private health insurance market which has the potential to create catastrophic outcomes for patients.

Although Polis’ health care proposal as Governor is lacking many of the details necessary to flesh out what the real implementation would look like – including but not limited to how to pay for it – we can discern Polis’ general philosophy on the issue based on the federal legislation to which he would lend his name.

While Polis postures himself as being a champion for the sick and needy, his support for this government takeover would lead to longer wait times to see a physician and could lead to denial of coverage in the form of rationing.

“The unindented consequence of a single payer system is that the government picks winners and losers,” said Adam Johnston, communications director of Compass Colorado.