(Denver) – With their penchant for ill-advised fundraising schticks, the Denver Democrats are soliciting donations to the party by offering an “insider tour” of Denver’s Crime Lab with a “special update from DA Beth McCann” this Thursday. The Denver Democratic Party has been circulating an invitation to attend a tour of the crime lab followed by light refreshments. The only requirement is for an attendee to become a member of the Denver Democrats “Century Club”.

“It is, at best, extremely distasteful for DA McCann and the Democrat Party to be utilizing City of Denver resources for political gain,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Mayor Hancock should shut this down immediately.”

While there is a question as to the legality of using City resources for partisan political fundraising, (the use of state resources is strictly prohibited) the appearance is slimy at best.  “If a Republican District Attorney were to attempt this same tactic they would have their skin flayed off with a potato peeler by the left,” concluded Maher.