DENVER – Tonight, Governor John Hickenlooper announced he will convene a special session of the legislature to fix a “drafting error” in a bill that negatively affected the revenue of agencies like RTD (Regional Transportation District) and the SCFD (Science and Cultural Facilities District). The session would clarify those entities’ ability to continue to levy taxes on marijuana sales.

A special session to clarify these issues would cost the taxpayers more than $25,000 a day. Considering fewer than four months remain before the next legislative session where a fix could be quickly drafted, the timing of this call is suspect at best and naked politics at worst. It’s no secret that Governor Hickenlooper has been touring the country and every major national cable news network in an attempt to sell his new “bipartisan” health care plan – prompting speculation of his higher political aspirations.

“Governor Hickenlooper is once again attempting to appear like a leader to the detriment of Colorado’s taxpayers,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Sadly, expensive efforts to play the part of a decisive leader don’t equate to actual leadership.”