Denver, CO – Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders will be in Colorado next week to campaign for Jared Polis. Sanders and Polis share many of the same views and policy positions. When asked at the 9 News debate earlier this week how they differ, Polis called himself a “capitalist” in contrast to Sanders’ socialist views – however – he could not name a single policy on which they diverged.

Polis is walking a tightrope between energizing his radically liberal base and attempting to appear more moderate to Colorado’s centrist voters. Coloradans deserve honesty and transparency on Jared’s radical leanings but that is hardly what they’re getting from the Polis campaign.

“Just because Jared Polis self-identifies as a capitalist that doesn’t make him one,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “He wants to govern as a Democrat Socialist, so guess what? That’s what he is.”