Denver, CO – One of the most widely covered national news stories is the “caravan” of an estimated more than 7,000 migrants marching toward the United States’ southern border. Regardless of how one feels about issues of legal immigration, illegal immigration, and the best ways to handle each, Jared Polis’ history demonstrates a philosophy that would have ramifications to Colorado were he to prevail in November.

Polis has voted at least four times to prevent the building or enhancement of physical barriers at the border and he voted to keep our border agents unequipped to do their jobs effectively.

Though Polis stopped just short of calling for the abolition of ICE several months ago, his long-documented disdain for border security has bolstered a culture of immigrants circumventing the legal process in favor of the more expedient (and illegal) option.

“There’s no evidence, based on Polis’ history on immigration, that he will act in the best interest of Coloradans,” said Adam Johnson, communications director of Compass Colorado. “There is a right way and a wrong way to address our immigration struggles, and intentionally under-equipping those whose job it is to enforce the laws currently on the books is a philosophy that should concern those on every side of this debate.”