Denver, CO – With less than two months until Colorado voters choose the state’s next leader, Jared Polis is still “out to lunch” on water policy. His website and positions in the press are murky at best, leaving a big question mark next to important issues like transcontinental water diversion and the future of the west slope.

Jared Polis’ opaque position on water policy should be of utmost importance to Colorado voters. Water is a perennial issue across the state and Mr. Polis should immediately quell the fears of our farming and ranching communities by releasing an honest plan on how he would address this limited natural resource as governor.

“Why doesn’t Jared Polis have an actual water plan? For Mr. Polis, “innovation” is just a
buzz word substituting for any actual policy proposal; which he doesn’t have.” said Adam Johnson, communications director of Compass Colorado. “New innovations in water conservation technology is something for which we should all strive, but that won’t make more water fall from the sky nor will it give us practical storage solutions.”

“Currently, Polis’ only plan is to destroy the oil and gas industry, whose severance tax payments fund the vast majority of these critical water infrastructure projects. If Mr. Polis has some better ideas we would love to hear them.”