DENVER – Jared Polis has announced he will not be attending the Club 20 debate but has offered to send a surrogate in his place. Club 20, Colorado’s “Voice of the Western Slope” has been holding these debates for 30 years and not once has a candidate, of either party, declined.

The Club 20 debates are an institution of Colorado’s political scene and offer those living on the western slope the opportunity to meet the candidates and get answers to questions of regional importance.

Although he won’t make time for the western slope, Polis does, however, have time to court those on the farthest left of the Democrat party.

“How a candidate for Governor chooses to focus his time is indicative of what he finds important in this race,” said Kelly Maher executive director of Compass Colorado. “Jared Polis just told the entire western slope they’re not worth his time or attention. Colorado is bigger than just Denver and Boulder, but Jared Polis isn’t acting like it.”