DENVER— Yesterday Sen. Daniel Kagan (D-Cherry Hills) announced his intention to resign effective January 11th. Kagan’s resignation comes amid sustained pressure to apologize for repeated use of a women’s restroom in the Capitol building – creating an uncomfortable work environment for female Senators and staff members alike.

In April 2018, Compass Colorado released a recorded phone call of non-partisan senate staff discussing Kagan’s “awkward” behavior in continually using the women’s bathroom in question.  The call indicates that in order to resolve Kagan’s behavior, senate staff had to create a separate key card designation for him that would deny his magnetic door access card from opening the women’s restroom door.

While one of Kagan’s accusers, Sen. Martinez-Humenik (R-Thornton), said she was only seeking an apology in Kagan’s case, his stepping down indicates he understands the political ramifications of his behavior and doesn’t want to suffer the scrutiny associated with a reelection campaign.

“Senator Kagan realized reelection would be difficult at best given his behavior. Stepping down was the right decision for him and all the women he made uncomfortable at the Capitol,” said Compass Colorado’s Kelly Maher.