Denver, CO – Throughout his career, Jared Polis has always been an adamant supporter of oil and gas setback limits. He has supported crippling one of Colorado’s most important industries with his prior endorsement of similar proposals, substantially funding ballot measures to restrict or ban the practice entirely, and even has filed legal injunctions to halt operations.

Given phony Polis’ long history of support for these proposals we were shocked to see Polis come out in opposition to Proposition 112, but we knew it was too good to be true. When Josh Fox, the filmmaker responsible for the documentary “Gasland” was in Boulder this past week to rally support for the same proposition phony Polis now opposes, Fox  and the audience tweeted a demand for Polis to support Proposition 112 – which phony Polis LIKED himself.

“It’s ridiculous that Jared would come out so strongly, and so publicly against Proposition 112 yet when some b-list Hollywood filmmaker applies just a little pressure on social media, his true colors come through.” said Compass Colorado communications director Adam Johnson. “’This is the most basic definition of waffling and just further highlights how phony Polis has been with Colorado voters.”