Denver, CO – It has been over 24 hours since the news broke that State Representative Jovan Melton (D-Aurora) has pled guilty to – and been

arrested multiple times over – domestic violence. Although several Denver media outlets are continuing to use the word “alleged” when covering this story, the guilty plea removes the need for legal rhetorical hedging.

Despite several prominent Democrat legislators including, Speaker Crisanta Duran and KC Becker, calling on Melton to resign, Jared Polis continues to remain silent. Melton and Polis have a well-documented friendship.

If Jared Polis were to prevail in November, he would be the highest-ranking elected Democrat within the state, and the default leader of his party. If there’s a time for him to demonstrate he can put aside his personal friendships and act like a leader, it’s now. It is unacceptable for a potential state executive to disappear in a time of crisis, and we are calling on Polis to do the right thing.

“Polis’ silence on this issue is indicative of his lack of leadership. It’s the most difficult times that reveal someone’s true character, it’s easy to call yourself a “leader” when you have no adversity,” said Compass Colorado executive director Kelly Maher. “Jared Polis needs to step up and speak up.”