Denver, CO – Once again, Jared Polis has been caught giving wildly conflicting responses to questions about critical policy proposals. When pressed for answers as to how Congressman Polis intends to pay for the “Medicare for all” program he touts at every turn, Mr. Polis suggested an increase in payroll taxes would fund the proposal.

Yet, during a subsequent interview with Joe St. George today, Polis wouldn’t answer how he plans to underwrite the measure. He then awkwardly evades questions in a failed attempt to sidestep and distract stating multiple times his proposal: “lets people keep a little more money in their paycheck at the end of every month.” When pressed as to if he supports a statewide Medicare for all, he states over and over “it’s a federal system,” in another non-answer. Coloradans deserve to know 1) if Polis supports a state-based Medicare-for-all and 2) how he intends to pay for it.

“Apparently Jared Polis lives in the parallel universe where he can both fund a massive government takeover of our health care system with a giant payroll tax AND somehow magically send people home with more money in their paychecks,” said Adam Johnson. “Sadly, here in the real world, there are no pet unicorns, and a huge payroll tax means less money in our paychecks.”

“Mr. Polis’ phony “plans” are misguided at best, and a complete fabrication at worst. He should apologize to Colorado voters before he robs us blind. The truth is he knows that his plan will take money out of the pockets of hard-working Coloradans, but hopes voters are too stupid to realize it.”