DENVER, CO – Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis released more “details” of his health care proposal yesterday. His proposal to address one of the most critical issues facing Colorado families still misses the mark in deeply concerning ways.

Still lacking is any substantive plan for paying for this massive shift toward government-run health care. Although Polis asserts often in the proposal that we must foster “innovation” he attempts to deflect from his long-time stated goal – a complete government takeover of our health care system.

His proposal includes variations of the word “innovation” six times but offers nothing specific on how he plans to fund this scheme. Several counties in Colorado have faced massive year-over-year premium increases coupled with diminishing coverage choices under Obamacare, and Polis addresses none of those concerns with his plan.

“‘Innovation’ seems to be the placeholder word Polis uses when he has no real plans,” said Adam Johnson, communication director of Compass Colorado. “We’re crossing the line from misguided to downright phony when it comes to Polis’ health care scheme. It’s like he’s playing the part of a cliché corporate motivation coach in a B-roll movie – but you can’t just “innovate” and trust fall your way out of Colorado’s health care concerns.

“Coloradans deserve real answers and not phony platitudes,” continued Johnson. “This ‘road map’ is a map to financial ruin for our state, and it’s incredibly reckless to make false promises without real solutions.”