Denver, CO – Jared Polis has insisted throughout his campaign he opposes Proposition 112, one of the most economically devastating measures on the Colorado ballot in recent history. However, a new endorsement of the measure from Polis-booster Senator Bernie Sanders casts even further doubt on Polis’ assertions.

On the heels of a big political week where far-lefty progressive mascot Bernie Sanders toured Colorado with Jared Polis, Sanders took to twitter Sunday afternoon to endorse Proposition 112, an effective ban on oil and gas in Colorado. If, after spending most of his Colorado time with Polis last week, Sanders still believes we must gut Colorado’s economy with 112 it raises the question of how strongly Polis advocated against it with Sanders, if at all.

Although Polis has given a tacit head shake against 112, he has said he will implement it as Governor should he win and 112 passes (minute 7), hasn’t ruled out a de facto ban during his Governorship (minute 30), “liked” a tweet calling for his support of 112, and was shouted down to support the measure by supporters at the Bernie Sanders rally last week.

“Jared Polis has one of the biggest microphones in the state right now to talk about any issue he wants,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “The fact that on the heels of a trip to Colorado, specifically to campaign for Polis, Bernie Sanders is coming out publicly for 112 makes me wonder just how genuine Polis’ opposition really is.”