Hi Friends!

It’s post-primary day.

  1. Not a lot of surprises: The Democrat establishment largely won in their primaries last night. Looks like Phil Weiser will end up pulling out the Attorney General primary race against Rep. Joe Salazar . . . it did come out yesterday that Weiser has only litigated six cases in his legal career. Seems thin for a guy running to be the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the state.
  2. One thing I noted last night is the large margin by which Congressman Jared Polis beat Cary Kennedy. Considering Polis ended up spending $11m of his own dollars to pull himself across the line, Eric Sondermann said: “$11 million still buys something.”
  3. Democrats this morning are crowing about a record number of primary votes (both party and unaffiliated voters voting Democrat ballots) and saying that’s an indicator of an energized base. I would argue this is an indicator of the fact they have lost control of their party and had an unprecedented number of divisive primaries.

Have a great day!