Denver, CO – Compass Colorado is calling on Jared Polis to immediately demand the release of congressional members names who have settled sexual misconduct claims with compensation from the now infamous “congressional hush fund”. To demand anything less would an insult to all #MeToo survivors that phony Polis claims to so adamantly support.

“Jared is a five-time supporter of a congressional hush fund that has maintained the secrecy of sexual misconduct cases involving members of congress.” said Adam Johnson. “Constituents deserve to know if their member of congress is a sexual deviant who has compensated victims in order to silence them.”

“Our tax dollars should never have gone to cover up these atrocious acts by members of congress, nor should they remain shrouded in secrecy.” continued Johnson. “If Jared was the least bit genuine with his calls for transparency he would have demanded the release of who and when, and he would have done it years ago.”