I know it’s late on a Friday, and hopefully you’re already at happy hour somewhere or doing something fun. Politics waits for no man (or woman) though, so we thought we would pass along these two things as you start your weekend.

  • SHOT – Becuase Hickenlooper’s MO is to wait until Friday afternoons to tell us pretty much anything, and we have all been waiting to hear, there will be no special session. Once again, Hickenlooper talked about it, thought about it, and ultimately decided not to pull the trigger. He said he planned to make a decision last weekend but then decided to give himself another week to decide. Then he chose to tell us last minute on a Friday. Thanks.
  • CHASER – This story is just too good to wait until Monday to share. The Democrats are busy assembling their 2018 circular firing squad. Republicans have dealt with contentious primaries for years, and now the lefties are learning what it’s like. Welcome to the pool boys, the water’s fine!