Denver, CO – This weekend, Jared Polis finally revealed his plans to fund his pie-in-the-sky campaign promises. Voters may not actually like it, but Polis came as close as we’ve seen to finally admitting his real plans.

“I oppose going deeper into debt without a dedicated funding source” [emphasis added] (link). While this is an admirable position for someone who is serious about responsible government spending, it is an insult and blatant hypocrisy coming from Polis who has been running on the idea that his “bold ideas” will save Coloradans money.

During the campaign, Polis has advocated for at last $90 billion in additional state spending for his various proposals. Somehow he has been able to throw around baseless claims about fiscal responsibility while conveniently leaving out the details of his “dedicated funding source” for this additional spending.

“Spoiler alert: the ‘dedicated funding source’ is YOUR WALLET, Coloradans,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado.