Here are the three stories we’re watching:

  • Congresswoman Diana DeGette’s IT guy scandal is getting more scandalous.
  • The League of Women Voters, a group that sometimes pretends they represent women across the political spectrum (hint: they don’t) have given up even the nod to non-partisanship with their latest series about “money in politics.” The speakers? Chris Jackson, a Democrat attorney formerly of the Attorney General’s office, Martha Tierney, basically the left’s “suer in chief” against Republicans, and Elena Nunez, executive director of Common Cause. Lefties hearing about lefty issues from other lefties.
  • We may have some tough “eclipse traffic” this week, but Colorado Politics has some good tips, including “Don’t look at the eclipse without authentic eclipse glasses, but also don’t drive wearing eclipse glasses.” I was really hoping that was obvious to people.